You Can't Get There From Here Either

by Tar and Rosin

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This is our first official studio album and it was recorded in the Spring of 2013 in Knoxville. It was a stressful, fun, goofy, sobering, new, painful, exciting and growing experience. All of the real credit goes to Joe and his crew at DigiTrax, who without them and their generosity, talent, and resources, this would have never happened! Thank you to everyone else for supporting us and helping live out our dreams!


released August 8, 2013

Performed by Tar and Rosin
Engineered by Timothy High
Assistant Engineer Kyle Heverly with Jason Alley
Mixed and Mastered by Kyle Heverly
Produced by Joe Vangieri and Tar and Rosin at DigiTrax Recording Studios, Knoxville, TN




Tar and Rosin Asheville, North Carolina

Tar and Rosin is:
Chilly Coyote on Sawbox
Jon Fly Martin on Whomp Wheel
Whiskey Slim on Chug-Chug
BoogieAnn "The Drunken Boar" on scratch-clack

Tar and Rosin is an Old Time Appalachian String Band that formed this past winter in the drunken basements and apartments of Des Moines, IA. Playing songs from Pre-Civil War Era up to the 1940', they write and perform original music as well.
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Track Name: Cornbread And Butterbeans
Goodbye, don't you cry, I'm goin' to Louisiana
To buy a dog and big fat hog, and marry Susianna
Sing song, ding dong, take a trip to China
Cornbread and Butterbeans, sail back to Carolina

Cornbread and Butterbeans and you across the table
Eating beans and making love as long as I am able
Hoeing corn and cotton too and when the day is over
I'll ride a mule like a crazy fool and love again all over

Well wearing shoes and drinking booze, that goes against the bible
A necktie will make you die, and cause you lots of trouble
Street cars, whiskey bars and kissing pretty women
Woah man, that's the end of a terrible beginning


I can't read and I don't care, an education's awful
Raising heck and writing checks, that ought to be unlawful
Silk hoes, frilly clothes, it's just a waste of money
I can see how glad you'd be to marry me my honey

Singing songs all day long and growing out this long beard
Playing for money it's so funny and it all seems so weird
As it seems I live the dream and I don't want to wake up
I confess I'll wear a dress and put on pretty make-up
Track Name: Old Plank Road
My wife died on Friday night and on Saturday she was buried,
Sunday was my courtin' day and on Monday I got married,

I won't get drunk no more, won't get drunk no more
Won't get drunk no more, down the old plank road

Fifteen pounds of meat a week and whiskey here to sell
How's a boy to stay at home when the pretty gals look so well

Branson, Oh Branson, why'd you treat me so
If you want for me to leave, then I will gladly go

I'd rather be in Memphis in the cold and rain
Then being out here in Chicago wearing that ball and chain

I went up to a train yard to hop a gravel train
The very next thing you heard of me I wore that ball and chain

I went up to that courthouse so I could pay my fine
The very next thing you heard of me I was on that chain gang line
Track Name: Chicken Thief, Dirty Creek, Jimmy in the swamp, old aunt jenny with her night cap on, dixie blossom - G Shred
Dirty Creek Lyrics:

(Written by John Martin)
Sores on my tongue, sores on my cheek
That's what I get for riding dirty creek

She can dance, she can sing
She can give you anything

Come on boys, lettin' ya know
If they're easy, lett'em go

(Written by George Lane)
Her current's strong, her current's swift
Beware her everlasting gift

Be careful what you ask for
You'll get that and a whole lot more

Go skip a stone, on down the creek
Be mindful of the things you seek

So now you know that you will pay
For what you do and what you say
Track Name: Half Past Four
Track Name: Over And Under
Track Name: Ain't A Bit
She hugged me and she kissed me and called me sugar plum
Threw her arms around me and said I love you some

Chorus: I ain't a bit drunk, drunk, drunk x3
I'm just from Alabam
I ain't a bit drunk, drunk, drunk x3
And I mean just what I say

I went to see my baby at the laundry where she folds
Says yonder come that boogie man who stole my husbands clothes

When she saw me coming, she held her head and cried
Says yonder come that boogie man where'm I gonna run and hide
Track Name: Bumble Bee In A Jug
Track Name: Dark Haired Girl/Broken Down Gambler
Track Name: Ain't Got Trouble In Mind
Trouble, Oh trouble, it's trouble all the time
If trouble don't kill me, I'll live a long, long time

Chorus: Ain't that trouble in mind x4

My mammy told me something, my pappy told me more
If ever I get married in this life, bring trouble through that door

My mammy told me something and it is sure to pass
A drinking and a gambling will be my ruin at last

My pappy told me something and it will surely come
I'll be in the penitentiary afore I'm twenty one

Well sometimes I have money, and sometimes I have none
When I'm out a gambling my money's soon all gone

Sometime I will have a dram, and sometimes I'll have two
When I'm on a drinking spree, no telling what I'll do

Next time I get married, it ain't goin' be for riches
Going to marry me a girl about eight feet tall
So she can't wear my britches
Track Name: Ole Bull's Still
Track Name: Ridin' Away
Panhandlin' until night, drinkin' whiskey to feel alright
Settin' round by the fire
Hoppin' outta ol' Cheyenne, I got itchy feet, do you understand
But you were my one true desire

Chorus: Ridin' Away x3
Ridin' away from you

Hobos versus cinder dicks, yegs and burglars, us thieves are thick
And stronger than Ole Bull's moonshine
The road is hard and never ends, can't tell my foes from my friends
But you were always nice and kind

Now my travellins' are through, I beat the trail back home to you
But when I got there you were gone
There was a note tacked to your door, sayin' you can't live like this no more
I guess I best be moving on